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Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year’s resolutions and the 5lbs that my butt got for Christmas

It has been a busy couple of weeks but now it is time to get back to a routine that will keep me getting healthier. It seems that major holidays like Christmas, have a habit of taking you out of your routine. You replace some of your good habits with some less productive ones i.e. drinking and eating too much. Then, enter stage left – New Years and the New Year's resolution, and right on the heels of all of the frolic and fancy of Christmas; when you're feeling guilty about the 5-10 LBS that your ass got for Christmas, and you liver density has increased from medium soft to firm. That is the perfect time to make promises to yourself that you really aren't going to keep, but man do they sound great.

This year I am keeping it simple; focus on getting and being healthier. Whether I like it or not, it will be a transition year. We had originally planned on moving home to Canada this year, but when I got sick we kind of put all plans on hold and we are now just getting back around to redefining what those plans are. Additionally, we had the stork drop off a little bundle for us and new babies have a tendency to throw the old paradigm a shifty curveball. In past blogs I have listed some of the things that have been keeping me healthy; writing, reading, my space project, walking and meditating. Also hopefully I can get back to more rigorous workouts but that is a lower priority. I have ADHD (no big surprise to those of you that know me) and so I need to stay busy, but also I am a little bit limited as to what I can do. I am around the house more of the time because we are now parents of two children. As a result I have been making little projects around the house to keep me occupied and they work for the most part. Recently I built a brand new computer from scratch and totally loved doing it. I also find I really need to get out of the house. I am a people person and I thrive off of the energy of other people.

I have also really been enjoying the blogging and I am going to expand into some other writing as well. I have two blogs going right now, this one, and I am starting up a third one, where I can be fun and a little more edgy, show more of the dark side of my humor for those that know me, It will be a little bit more of a catch all, for videos, jokes, movie reviews etc. more input and media from other people like a Facebook page.

Let me know if there is any topics or other things that you'd like to hear about, what you do and don't like, and… please comment with yours or any other crazy New Year's resolutions that you have heard this year?

Thanks for the continued support,


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  1. Fantastic about the new blog... was wondering if the humour was sitting in the hospital's lost and found, keeping the nurses in giggles.

    No crazy resolutions for me. I'll leave those up to you.