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Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspiration and the importance of supporting people who are trying to something good in life

A quick honest chat about the project….

There have been a lot of great questions lately regarding the project and the intentions of it. I know that there will be people who don't take the time to understand what I am doing, or who judge it with whatever opinion they have from the little they know about me or take the time to understand the project. I need those people. I need to be questioned and put to the test and reminded that I believe in this. I don't have it all figured out yet, and I don't want to. I really am betting that the journey, the changes and the adaptations the relationships and the side projects are going to be the greatest part of the whole thing. I'll put myself on a course for space, and get a whole lifetime of experience because of the first right minded change in direction.

I appreciate that people will have their opinions and I appreciate that they will take the time to voice them. I also appreciate the people, who come to the defense of the whole thing and the chatter that ensues, the fact that people are taking positions and defending their views, getting in the mix, that is a great thing. Our lives are easily drummed to sleep by the fast paced beating of the economic machine. We don't take enough time to sit and think, talk, argue about what we believe, concede to someone else's views, take a new view point or allow ourselves to be convinced of something good and true. There are many sub goals for this project of mine, and this increase in awareness is one of the major ones. When Obama was inaugurated, I felt this wonderful tingling inside of me. It was hope and inspiration and it was really wonderful, I loved it and I want to feel it more often. I would love to help other people to feel like that.

My niece is going to do a project on me for her school, we are going to do some video interviews and have some fun. We are going to try and do some new tech long distance communication. I am pumped that I can be an inspiration to my niece an I hope that she can be an inspiration to other kids. It is very contagious. What she suggested is actually something I had planned for the future. As a part of the awareness aspect of my project I am intending on "Skype-ing" into classrooms to get the discussion going with children, get them thinking about their dreams and goals and how to stay on track and not underestimate their abilities to reach them.

I love that people are passionate; it is one of the defining characteristics that make us human. When we lose that and subsequently drone away at life, stop pursuing our goals and dreams, our lives turn into the movie Groundhog Day. The days just keep repeating themselves until we figure out the meaning and the important stuff. It might be cliché but life is too short; people are dying around us, text messaging drivers running over babies, earthquakes in Haiti, 911, airplane underwear bombs. If there was ever a time to support the people who are trying to do more with their life, people who are trying to lead us into change, it is now. That might sound self-serving but I really believe it.

In earthquake lingo, I had a minor tremor last September, when the Guillain Barre hit. In fact, as I sit here right now the bottoms of my feet are still tingling and my big toe is completely numb. One day my 7.2 quake will hit and if I am trapped under the rubble of my own life, when all of the construct collapses down on me, I hope as I lay there and wait for help, I can say that I was awake, I breathed in life, I took chances, I got people talking and thinking, I inspired people. If I can do that, when my time comes, I'll have done something right.

Thanks for your continued interest and support in my journey through Guillain Barre, life, and my trip to space.


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