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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Be Like an Air Balloon…

Be Like an Air Balloon…

I was sitting in my office this morning (yes that office), doing my morning reading, and I came across a great little segment from some unnamed person's grandfather.

    "In almost every case of adapting to life's unexpected changes, you can advance more freely if first you let go of something."

It then proceeds to outline a fill in the blank exercise:

    To __________ more, ___________ less

Example:     To climb more, carry less

        To hear more, talk less

        To create more, think less (this was mine)


I thought this was a very interesting concept. I have to admit I hadn't thought in this manner before and it occurred to me that this was living more like an air balloon. For an air balloon to take flight it has to drop some weight. I thought this was a pertinent metaphor to life. Not that you necessarily have to drop all of the weights but as the saying goes… lose the dead weight. Once again it requires us to stop and think about what is and isn't healthy in our lives and then act in a motion towards the more healthy.


For me my trip to space is my "more healthy". I am not expecting the trip itself to be the best part, instead I am looking most forward to the process, the journey towards earning it. Hopefully I'll go up a little faster than a hot air balloon, but maybe a nice slow balloon ride wouldn't be so bad either? Sounds like something worth adding to the journey.


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