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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Books that have helped me recently...

Here is a list of books that I have purchased or that I have had given to me recently. I been finding reading, specifically on the topic of healing and spiritual deepening, to be very beneficial to my healing. I have inserted cover shots and links to purchase them on where you can get them for great prices, new or used. I hope you find it beneficial, they have been so healthy for me, helping to keep my on track and remove the ceilings that I have wrongly placed in life to date.

Awaken the Giant Within - Anthony Robbins
This book has a lot of great little pearls to help you with setting up a routine of healthy activities for your mind and body. I also find that it handles goals and goal setting very well. There are a lot of stories about other people that get a little tired but the index is easy to manage and you can find the stuff that is applicable to your life easily.
"Anthony Robbins is the ultimate coach for that special breed of people who will never settle for less than they can be"
Pat Riley - Coach of the decade - NBA

Buddha - Deepak Chopra
This is a great recounting of the life of Buddha from his time as a boy prince through his walking out of the temple and leaving his kingdom. It finishes
shortly after  behind he returns to the kingdom as the enlightened Buddha that we know of today. "Buddha is unlike anything Chopra has ever written before. a Timeless story retold by one of the most inspiring spiritual guides of our era"  Brian Grazer Emmy winning producer of televisions hit 24

Mandela - The Authorized Biography - Anthony Sampson
This book I had given to me for  Christmas and am just getting started on but his life was so inspirational in the face of adversity that I am sure there will be excellent lessons for staying focussed and persevering towards that which we deem truly important in life. I'll update some more on it when I complete it.
"A truly heroic story of the founder of a Nation, a man of shrewdness, humanity and simplicity whose power cam not from military conquest but from moral authority." Chicago Tribune

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