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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Morning that Olivia arrived in our Life

Olivia James Moss – November 24th, 2009 – 7 lbs 13 oz

10:15 AM

I am sitting here in the ante partum ward at the Good Samaritan Hospital. This is the same hospital that I was in just 6 weeks ago. This Morning I was down in the cafeteria getting a snack and I ran into the X-ray technician that had the stomach cancer that she called frank. I told her that she was a real inspiration to me and that I thought of her from time to time and that her positive spirit helped me out while I was in a potentially bad place.

Jenny is laying in the bed in her room. They have hooked up her IV and got her prepped to go into surgery in about 45 minutes. I am not really very nervous, I have a lot of faith that everything will be fine. It is one thing to recognize and respect the seriousness of a situation and another to worry or dwell on it. Jenny is asking me right now to get her a book on creating a positive sibling relationship from the start and figure out how best to introduce the baby to Wyatt and specific to his age. Always the good mom, worrying but planning and educating herself on how to handle things. Jenny is a really good mom. Wyatt is really sweet and fun and smart child and Jennifer’s parenting has a lot to do with it. I think we are pretty good communicators and that we understand the importance of communication and how it relates to both ours and Wyatt's happiness.  So sometime today or tomorrow I’ll run out to Borders and see if I can find a book for her.

Back to what I was saying about worry, it is fine to recognize the seriousness of a situation but worrying too much about the potential things that could happen is really a waste of energy and causes undue stress. I am not really a worrier. As long as you are doing what you can to affect a situation positively, there is no sense worrying because things are going to run their course and in the long run, be fine. I am certain that everything will be fine. Very soon we’ll be in the OR and they will be delivering Olivia and then putting her in Jenny’s and My arms for the first time.

It is crazy to think about my having being one floor above here, in my own bed, just 9 weeks ago. There was so much uncertainty and fear. I have come so far, stayed so positive and had so much support. I can walk into the hospital today on my own and be a real support to Jennifer like a husband wants to be for his wife. I am very lucky.

Jennifer I love you and thank you so much for all of the sacrifices you have made to bring us our little Wyatt and now Olivia.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mossy. She's beautiful.

  2. Congrats, Jim and family.

  3. Another happy turn of the page. Congrats Moss family!