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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Everyday Heroes?

I was just thinking, we hear stories all of the time about everyday heroes. Ordinary people, or seemingly so, who do extraordinary things. They save people’s lives, run into burning buildings, land commercial planes on the Hudson River, lift a car up off of someone who is pinned underneath it, etc, etc. I think we would all agree that there is such a thing as the everyday hero.

If we can agree that we are fairly ordinary, but that other ordinary people have been able to do extraordinary things, then we should agree that we have within us the capacity to do these extraordinary things as well. I think that makes pretty clear, common sense.

So, instead of waiting for some terrible or life threatening scenario, why don’t we start tapping into that capacity now? Right now. Instead of some random act or incident that fate drops in front of us, set your own incredible goal and be incredible because you already agreed that you have it inside of you.

You don't necessarily have to land a plane or run into a burning building, but at the very least, shouldn't it make you want to try and be a little bit better today? Be more patient? Help someone to their car? Hold open a door? Then tomorrow do it again and the next day? My advice - become a bit more of an everyday hero, everyday.


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