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Monday, October 5, 2009

The "Comeback Trail" is Never Downhill

In the history of the mankind, there has never been a comeback trail that was downhill. Why should mine be any different?

15 steps = 5.7 miles

This morning I am challenging myself to accomplish 15 steps with moderate help from my Physical Therapist and no walking device (cane or crutches). It is Monday AM October 5th, 2009 all of my friends and family are headed off to work like any other Monday. A couple of my friends are in a charity golf tournament today in Los Gatos. Another friend was flying to Disneyland with her daughter to visit what they call the greatest place on Earth. I thought they were referring to the hallway just outside my door as that is the place that I am relearning to walk and my get my much desired freedom back.

Mondays are for Moaning and Groaning, shaking off the weekend, and looking up hill at the week ahead of us. I’m not taking that approach today. How possibly could groaning about it make the week ahead of me any better?

I have the most beautiful view out of my window at the rehab hospital (I'll try to get a picture to post). Accompanying that beauty is a Vente Double shot of irony, dry. I have an incredible view of the Los Gatos Mountains (which I am thankful for), however, it is that same mountain that just three and a half weeks ago I would hike to burn off some pounds and get ready for the upcoming Lacrosse season. 5.7 miles total trail 3.0 up and 2.7 down the back side, 40 minutes of hard but fun work. A good sweat. About 10-12 songs worth of I pod time. A ton of great fresh air, And a little bit of sunshine on the skin to go with it.

There will be no hiking today. Well maybe? I will be hiking my ass out of this wheelchair and into the hall for my work out! No sunshine, fluorescent lights. No fresh air, just hospital smell. No I pod, just gentle reminders to balance, breath, relax etc. from my incredible rehabilitation staff. No mountains, just a mountain of work.

They say there are about 2000 steps in a mile, therefore, I would normally walk about 11400 steps or so on my hikes up the Mountain. So each proud, difficult, wobbly step this morning will be the equivalent of 760 steps 3 weeks ago.

It's all relative.

Love you all,


  1. Keep it up Mossy. Tomorrow, 30 steps, then more and more until before you know it, you're shutting down Dan Dawson to the cheers of 18,000 at home. We're all pulling for you.


  2. Keep on keeping on, Mossy. You've got an army of fans with you for every step.

    Stay strong and that day will come when The Can explodes when you step back on the turf.