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Monday, October 26, 2009

2 Steps Forward... One step Back

Scared but confident? Yesterday I started to lose the feeling in my feet and fingers again and it has gotten a little worse overnight. It is difficult to not be a little freaked out but I have to have confidence that I’ll be fine, just like the first time.

Jennifer and my Mom are worried, for obvious reasons, but my response to them was “if it comes back, we’ll just beat it again right? It’ll be no different than the first round”. I am not even sure that was how I was feeling inside but in reaction to their fear, that’s what came out of my mouth and I had no reason to not believe it myself. It is odd how sometimes you have to say something out loud to make it a little truer or to really understand it yourself.

For now this is where I am at

  • Feeling is reduced in soles of feet, big toe, pinky fingers and finger tips.
  • Headache is back
  • Balance is off a bit
  • Muscle soreness is about a 3/10
  • Full body fatigue is pretty significant

I’m going to leave it short and sweet for this morning. I will update again later either way, better or worse.

Jim Moss


  1. Jim,

    Your first six months with an autoimmune disease are always the hardest while the meds take effect and your body learns to deal with the treatments.
    I'm in month 8 now and I see marked improvements with my MG. While your GBS is different, they're both in the autoimmune category with similar drug therapy/infusions.
    Your athlete's body will repair in due time.
    You WILL have us and downs.


  2. Hang in there Jim. I know you want things to be back to normal right now, but sometimes you have to be really patient with yourself. Just know that you have a lot of people rooting for you and your family. God bless.
    Jackie Dunn